For comfort and speed, you can’t beat the JR Narita Express, also known as N’EX) leaving from Narita for Tokyo Station, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Yokohama. The ride costs approximately ¥2890; if you have a validated JR Rail Pass (validation is done the main lobby of Narita), there is no additional cost to ride N’EX. Seats must be reserved in advance.

There are also JR slower trains into the city, also taking you to Tokyo Station. While we love trains, travelers without a passing fluency in Japanese might find it more comfortable to utilize the bus option, saving the train for their return trip. If you’re the adventurous sort, it wouldn’t hurt to learn the names of the stations preceding your final stop because the crowded trains can get noisy, and you might not hear the station announcements.

If you’re staying in the Ueno area, the private Keisei line runs from Narita to Keisei-Ueno Station.

Once you’ve arrived at the station closest to your hotel, you can walk, take a taxi, or connect to other trains.

If you’re taking the train from another city to Tokyo, chances are you will end up at Tokyo Station. You can connect to other lines from here. If you haven’t already exchanged your voucher for a JR Rail Pass, you can do so at Tokyo Station. A Rail Pass makes traveling by train throughout Tokyo easy and convenient; we would caution that there are  private lines which are not part of the JR system.