Akihabara (Electric Town)

If you’ve come to Tokyo looking for a deal on a new camera or the latest consumer electronic gadget, this is the place to be. Fifty square blocks of massive electronics stores. It’s like taking a space trip and landing on planet transistor. Perhaps the most incredible part of the Akihabara experience is that so many of the stores appear absolutely identical in terms of variety and price. Also be aware that the latest computer and PC gadgets are definitely aimed at the Japanese market, so unless you feel comfortable typing in Kana, you’re not likely to find an enticing deal on the latest hand held computer.

Reader Review

I spent a whole day wandering around the Akiahbara, which is literally hundreds of small shops selling all manner of electronic parts, devices and equipment. It is the size of a whole city block, under one roof. You’ll find small shops selling everything from individual components (nothing but resisters or capacitors or transisters) to fully assembled systems of all types. If it has anything to do with electronics, You’ll find it here. We were even able to find a magnetron to use in our ship’s radar transmitter.