Between Day (Kokumin no kyujitsu)

Between Day, May 4, comes as a result of Japanese law: a day that falls between two national holidays is, by default, a holiday, too. Around here, we like to call this the “Holiday With No Name”. It’s clearly an acknowledgment that people who are taking advantage of the many holidays of Golden Week won’t stop vacationing to return to the office for just one day, and the Japanese name of the holiday translates to “citizens’ day off”.

Interestingly, if Between Day falls on a Sunday, the day is not considered a holiday. This is important because if it’s an official holiday, workers are eligible for paid time off. This holiday was established in 1999.

Starting in 2007, Greenery Day is moving to May 4, effectively replacing Between Day. But we’re sure the Japanese people will still harbor a fondness for the quirky little holiday with no name.