The Velfarre is one of the largest clubs of Tokyo. After opening in 1994, it very quickly became one of the coolest clubs in Japan. The club frequently plays host to fashion shows and live concerts of Japanese and foreign rock and pop-stars.

The Velfarre is a great place for those who like to dance. The huge dance floor, powerful sound-systems, fantastic light effects and a whole crowd of revelers make the Velfarre the most gorgeous superclub of Tokyo and Japan. 1,500 people can party at once in the club, and no one would say that the dance floor is too crowded.

The music of the Velfarre is house and techno. In the club, special events regularly take place. For example, Thursday night is traditionally dedicated to the Japanese audience over 30 years old. The Velfarre is the home of the famous Cyber Trance event: young crowd have fun listening to the progressive trance music and dancing all evening long. Cyber trance parties are especially popular among foreigners.

The Velfarre Club is a great place for unusual parties. For example, the ViVi Night includes fashion show, talk show, getting acquainted with Japanese top models, live showcases by popular artists and a big party! The mission of the Traffic Party is to represent the Velfarre club to the foreigners. The Traffic features the world class electronic music, the best DJ, super-sound and light effects. The Planet Love event is dedicated to all the music-lovers regardless their age and sex. The hottest world hits sound all evening long during the Planet Love party. The motto of the Planet Love is “Dance is the only power that let us live!” There are many other interesting events in the Velfarre, and every year new parties appear offering unusual dance entertainments to the club visitors.

In the club, there are two bars aside the dance floor and private seating area with the third bar in the mezzanine. Wide choice of beverages, alcohol drinks and food are at your disposal.

Please notice that the club works only till 01:00, so don’t plan to spend all night in the Velfarre. The peak time of the club is around 11:00 p.m.

Tokyo National Museum

The largest collection of Japanese art in the world with rotating displays that ensure a different experience with each visit; the galleries cover Japan’s history with old clothing, samurai gear, swords, lacquerware, woodblock prints, and a multitude of other pieces.

The museum features four main galleries. The Main Gallery features Buddhist sculpture and martial implements such as armor and swords. Older ceramics, scrolls, paintings and textiles are also featured in the gallery. The Main Gallery also houses the reception area.

The Hyokeikan Gallery focuses on archeological treasures of Japan. The displays include objects unearthed from burial grounds (a good guide to daily life in old Japan) and a room dedicated to the Ainu (an indigenous group located on the island of Hokkaido).

The Gallery of Eastern Antiquities moves beyond the boundaries of Japan. Artifacts from countries as diverse as Egypt and Iran sit beside the Korean and Chinese works. Chinese works represent the largest portion of displayed pieces.

The final gallery, The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures, is only open to the public on Thursdays (and only on those days when no rain is anticipated). The treasures on display come from the Horyuji Temple and are notable for their antiquity and view of Japanese religious artifacts.