Finally, Data Backups For the Sashimi Lover

Finally, Data Backups For the Sashimi LoverVisitors to Japan are frequently surprised by the amazingly lifelike plastic food that is displayed at the entrance of nearly every restaurant throughout the country. It’s a clever marketing innovation that strangely hasn’t caught on around the world. After years of unchallenged plastic food dominance, the Japanese have added a new innovation to their specialty: High speed data storage.

Dynamism has recently released several USB storage devices in a variety of sushi flavors. Perhaps you’d like the 128MB Ebi? If you’re not so hungry then maybe you’d prefer a 32MB Teka roll? These Sushi Data Drives are handmade in Tokyo to conform to the strictest plastic food standards.

As the Dynamism website notes:

Never again will you have to choose between having sushi or having a USB memory drive–thanks to the USB sushi drive.

Frankly, I never realized the two were mutually exclusive, but now that I can easily combine the two, why not?

While it’s true that the USB connector makes this sushi look slightly less realistic they’re still hard to resist. I just wish there was there was a way to spice up the data these things carry. What PowerPoint presentation wouldn’t be improved by a little wasabi?