Attack of the Giant Platypus

Giant PlatypusYou would think by now the Japanese would be used to giant monsters. Yet for some reason the arrival this week of a giant platypus at the World Expo has left many Japanese perplexed. One of the most common questions posed by visitors to the Australian pavilion was “What does it taste like?”

Presumably the would-be platypus eaters asked their question before the giant monotreme attacked the Danish royal couple (pictured here moments before being swallowed whole).

According to news reports the 12 meter long beast was finally subdued after a chorus of school children were brought in to sing the Japanese national anthem. I vaguely recall something similar working on Mothra.

It’s probably worth pointing out that this sort of thing is bound to happen more frequently now that Godzilla has announced his retirement. I can only imagine what sort of creatures will be stepping in to fill the void left by the king of lizards.