The Great Sauce War of 2005

Japanese FoodIn later times, 2005 may be known as the year of The Great Sauce War. Old-timers will tell tales of the days when families were divided over their support for the tasty, but financially troubled, Ikari Sauch versus their belief that the only way for JapaneseWorcestershire to survive was through the kind auspices of rival Bull-Dog sauce.

To put the crisis in perspective, let us offer insight from those in the know:

For the gourmands of Osaka, who believe that their tastes are more refined and diverse than those in Tokyo, Ikari sauce is the gold standard by which lesser brands must be judged.

The Osaka gourmands prefer the sweeter Ikari while Tokoyo-ites enjoy a spicier mix. Both parties remain blissfully unaware that their beloved uustaa sohsu has its roots in the British Isles. While there are many brands of the sauce available, only the folks at Bull-Dog have the financial stability necessary to save the Ikari name.

We won’t bore you with financail trail that lead sauce lovers in Japan to the brink of disaster. Suffice to say that the ‘dog is reaching out in the spirit of true friendship. He knows that a healthy rivalry leads to a better product.